Fuel Overflowing Question

Hello All,

What might you think causes the fuel catch-fill to keep filling up on these motards?

This is something I have noticed by observing other people's bikes

after they pull in after a session. This is WITHOUT crashing.

I've noticed this on a Yamahas, Hondas and more recently an RMZ450.

Could the g-forces of braking/accelerating/cornering be

enough to cause gas to flow out and down to the catch-tank?

If there is a legit. reason,, is there something to stop/prevent the issue?

Thanks for any thoughts.... :banghead:

the lean angles actually do the most of it... im not sure of a fix though.


correct float level minimizes it.

you have NO idea what youre talking about eddie... you AND your first place. i *heart* you


Hey, thanks for the replies fellas :banghead:

So, I guess the same things is happening with these bikes

out on a moto track (or woods), but it just pisses unnoticed onto dirt, huh?

EDIT: Burned, correct meaning "stock" setting as per the manual,

or correct meaning "depending on what mods are done"?

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