DIFFERENT TYPES OF PADDLES for Gordon's Well (so cal)

hi all,

I have a CRF 250r (05) and i am going to go to Gordon's well and buttercup this season. i have experience in dunes, but they are smaller dunes (superstition). i am 16 years old, 120 lbs. and am 5'6. i was wondering if i would need a 6 paddle or an 8. Ive heard that an 8 is a smoother ride and gives you better performance, but that it wares your engine down. is a 6 better? or an 8? thanks for the help!

Good question.

I would say with the bike your riding a six paddle is your best bet.

I just put a 6 paddle on my 04 CRF250R and took it to the dunes. It worked great. I think the 8 would have definately been a bad move.

good. then im definetly getting a 6 paddle. thanku for the help.

How are you guys setting your flags up? I am about to go to OK and have never put a flag on my WR400.

125/250f 6 paddle

250/450f 8 paddle

500+ 10 paddel

I'll be riding at gordon well on the 4th with my 06 crf450

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