IM GOING TO BREAK this thing...!!

OK, so I was having a hard time getting my trailer lights to work... so I went and Bought a Hoppy Plug-In Simple!® T-Connectors converter for My Toyota tacoma because my truck has seperate turn signal brake/tail bulbs..

OK so I bought the hoppy thing and hooked it up too the trailer light connector, all the wires are good.. plugged it in, and blinkers work, brake lights work.... running lights... DONT WORK!!! and when i have the running light switch on in the cab the blinkers and brake lights dont work... &%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone please... I am leaving for a long road trip with my trailer in 3 weeks!!... thanks

Converter is either wired wrong or its burnt up. Make sure you didnt pop a fuse during install.

It was the freaking ground.... wasnt good enough, so I re posistioned it... son of a &^%$# i hate electical stuff.... thanks...

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