01 wr426 wont start ?

bike was running fine last time i rode , now it wont start . If I kick it enough it almost starts but backfires thru the exhaust . I just bought a new plug , going to try that first then maybe check the carb then go to the valves . Am I on the right track.


When my bike doesn't start in short order I always assume that the carb is flooded, and/or the plug is fouled. Hold the decomp lever and kick through like 25 times to clear everything out. Then start like normal. If that doesn't work try starting with the choke, hotstart, and neither and compare the results. If it starts with the hotstart or without the choke you may have a plugged air jet. Did you recently clean your air filter? Over-oiling will plug jets. If nothing works, change the plug. Good luck and tell us what you find. :banghead:

Thats the way my 400 acted when the plug was fouled.

I have never fouled a plug on my 01 WR 426. Not saying it can't happen but I would think it to be rare.

How many miles on the motor? I was having a hard to start situation a while back on my WR. It turned out to be a couple of things. First off was frayed throttle cables that didn't let the slide return to it's proper place. The bike had a strange idle that I tried to tune out with the idle screw. It worked sometimes but I still knew something was wrong.

I decided to clean out the carb. That is when I discovered the frayed throttle cables. When I got the carb apart I was shocked. Very fine dirt had worked it's way into the carb settling into the bottom of the float bowl. It also had some varnish in different areas of the carb.

After I cleaned the carb and changed the throttle cable the bike started and ran like new. To this day if my bike won't start after 5 kicks there may be something wrong with her. Our trusty 426's are getting a little old these days. It may be time for a little TLC.

Turn the fuel on? :banghead:

Another question...do you have any small kids that may like to play with the throttle? Remember these are pumper carbs. Folks here have found the mysterious problem to thier bikes not starting properly is directly tied to the enthusiasm of the children towards motorcycles.

new plug fixed it.looks like it rusted from washing the bike a little too much. :banghead: thanks for the input :banghead:

new plug fixed it.looks like it rusted from washing the bike a little too much. :lol: thanks for the input :banghead:

Mental note.....don't post before checking spark plug :banghead: J/K glad you got it figured out :busted:

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