timing chain

does anyone know how to tighten the timing chain using the factory tensioner??my valve lash is good, but there is still ticking in the top end of my engine....oh,,its a 05 400ex

Not sure on the TRX, but most newer 4 strokes have automatic chain tensioner. If it is a loose timing chain, it's probably at or near it's wear limit and needs to be replaced before it skips time and you put a valve through your piston. There are several things that can cause the ticking... My bike had the same problem. The timing chain was about half the problem. I think I should have replaced the cam sprockets at the same time... but a 20W-50W oil quited it right down after I was sure there was nothing real serious wrong and I had replaced the Cam chain.

thanks for the thoughts,,,i adjusted the valves and it goes away until the bike gets rode real hard for a while,, then it comes back..i know its not the valves working loose.cause i have checked and rechecked the clearance.maybe its normal for these 05s??

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