XR650r Jetting specs

2002 XR650r stock motor...pro circuit t-4 pipe...175 main..unknown pilot.

idles fine, easy to start...as long as the throttle is rolled on smooth, it runs perfect. but, hammer it quickly it hiccups.. i've searched for a list of carb-jetting-needle position specs, b ut can't seem to find them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Is that a T-4 header/muffler setup. The full exhaust? What air filter? You need a 68s or 70s pilot. Do you have the br53e needle? You need a 178 main if you are just using the muffler (at see level) and if you are running a UNI, holes in the side cover and header you need a 182 or 185 main.

Thank you, yes, it's a full exhaust. Guess i'm going shopping. I bought the bike used, I think the previous owner changed the mainjet only. Thanks again!!

With the stock carb, opened airbox, UNI filter, header and pipe, my bike liked the 185 Main jet, B53F (not "E") needle in the 4th position (second from bottom) and 70s pilot jet. The plug was a good color and had a nice strong, smooth powerband.

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