radiator over flow container

A month back or so I my bike in the shop in the person working on it said that there is a container that i can buy off of the internet that will catch all of the coolant that boils out of the radiator. I looked all over the net and cant find anything like that, and was wondering if amyone has heard of it. i called the shop the other and spoke to the guy that told this to me and he said he cant find it again. so if you heard of this and know where i can get one let me know.

I know what you are talking about, dirt rider had one on a RMZ they had a few issues back. I have yet to see them for sale anywhere either, I think they are just a bottle though and you could probably just make one.

they use that on supermoto bikes so if u crash your fluid wont spill on the track...its out there u just gotta find it

Motion Pro has one, and I believe thumper racing has one

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