brake lever

Okay so I dropped my bike a while bike on a tough trail ride..ever done that? Well I did. Anyhow I bent the brake lever. I was surfing ebay and saw a listing for a new two finger pull lever advertised to fit RMs and DRZ400. I bought it and of course it didn't fit. It did bolt right in and will operate the front brake, however, it falls forward way out of reach and there is nothing to engage the little button that keeps the brake light from staying on. My question: are there any short brake levers and clutch levers that fit the factory perches for the DRZ400s and also, are the brake levers different between the S and E model.

i was on the same mission as you and i could not find anything. i have the S model. for the brake i just cut it down. for the clutch i got one of those ASV unbreakable levers, i love it.

oem is the only way to go for the brake lever on the s. has the best prices.

i ordered some oil and filters too cuz they're cheap

I just put some zip-ties loosely around the lever to keep it from falling forward. I had intended to replace it with the propper lever after a while but I realized that I had essentially built one of those unbreakable levers so I left it, no problems at all, I just use the rear brake to actuate the light.

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