2006 crf250r jetting help?

I have just jetted a 2006 CRF250R

I went up 2 on the main. 170stk now 175

up 1 on the pilot 40stk now 42

I have set the fuel screw

Bike works great. When I ride it on the track it rips. Although when Im playing with it on the stand and I rip the throttle from idle it will hesitate at first on the bottom. Is this something I can clean up, or is it just the nature of a 4 stroke turning the throttle to fast from idle as this was what someone told me. Bike is new and stock.

Thanks for any help, I have really been trying to learn how to jet correclty and faster as I tend to play for about 2-3 hrs getting them right. Any help on where I can read up on some good jetting tips on how and where to start and the general procedure to doing it would be great. I have read eric gorrs books so far.

Thanks again

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