This guy I met today is selling his KLX 300 for $1k

But it needs a cylinder head job. I really want to sell my ttr225 for $1,800 and use the rest of the money to fix the 300. I work at a lawnmower dealer that gets a few quads and small dirtbikes to work on, since it gets really slack during winter there, maybe they'll let me bring it there and work on it, and to help gain some mechanical experience.

I want to find a really good bike locally but people around here would rather want to be on 4 wheels :banghead:

It has a few other imperfections that can be fixed easily, what do you think?



unless it's a total basket case, that's a pretty decent deal. of course i'd sell you my klx330 for $1800 (plated in nevada) and it doesn't need any work. it's just kinda ugly.

KLX Excelent machine it was my First bike go for it :banghead:

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