different kinds of racks?

Hey i need to get a rear rack to put my bookbag on for work, sick of carrying it on my back , i know suzuki has one, but id like one wider, any suggestions?

holy hell, thatsa lot for a rack. Any other options out htere?

You can check my rack out in my garage.

It was free except a $400 welder and 2000 hours of labor. I modelled it after the Billet rack.

One nice thing about any rack like that is you could remove the mud flap/plate holder, remove the ugly brake light, move the plate to the fender (covers the hole from the light) then mount a tail light (with a plate light) on the back of the rack. I have been reading the threads on tail work and I think I am going to go for it this winter.

I do remember seeing a different rack talked about on here, I thought it was something with trails in the name

yeah it doesnt really matter now lol. i got an offer for 4100 for my bike and im gonna sell it, time to get a 400sm

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