Anyone have some wheel advice for me?

ok, so im in quite the predicament. i work at a local motorcycle shop so nearly nothing is out of reach just to let it be known. I recently bought a set of talon hubs for my crf 250. i bought buchanan h/d spokes and i had my stock hoops powdercoated black. the front wheel laced up fine besides the drilling necessary for the larger diameter h/d spokes. the rear wheel is a different story. my mechanic drilled out the hub and rim and began to lace up the complete wheel only to find that the hub talon makes for honda is a 36 hole hub and the oem hoop is 32 hole. excel does not make a 36 hole hoop for a honda. so i called up my local wheel lacing shop, TCR in lodi ca, and asked whats up. he told me i will need an excel rear hoop for a yamaha. so i placed the rim on order. as of now i am waiting for it to come into the shop. where the real predicament lies is within the spoke kit i need to buy. if i buy a 36 spoke kit for a yamaha it will not match up with the hub for a honda because the drive and brake side are different heights, or so i have been told. in that case i would have to buy a custom spoke kit which is alot even for me at the shop. if anyone has had this experience with talons and oem hoops please help me out a little bit. no one else at my shop owns a honda so they couldnt help. greatly appreciated, pete.

I don't understand how Talon can sell a hub and say it's for a CRF when the spoke count is different from OEM.........and Excel doesn't make a rim either??? That's weird. I would call Talon and ask them which rim they recommend be used with their hub.....sounds like Talon screwed up. :banghead:

If I was your mechanic I would have checked/counted the holes, spokes, and rims before drilling. What's done is done though. That sucks.

i was pressed for time and he knew it so he was sorta in a hurry and he didnt check. i trust this dude with my stuff hes been wenchin for goin on 30 years so the mess up is mine more than his. but your right whats done is done and i still need a rear wheel heh.

call buccannon wheel and talk to Kevin if you can,

they make the correct wheel for your needs,

but i tell ya all those aftermarket wheels and 300 GA spokes and hubs are way heavier than the stock stuff and will cost you lots of hp and braking ,

and the chassis will feel different and turn harder !! the wheels are the worst place to add weight,

run the math on 1oz of weight 1" off the center line of the wheel center at 4000 rpm,

its 64 lbs,

so imagian adding 2.5 to 4 lbs, or more to your wheels that the motor has to spin up and the brakes have to stop and you have to countersteer to turn into every corner,

no thank you :banghead::lol: ----you would die if you knew what the wheel sets , tubs and tires weighed on the factory stuff ,

the tires alone are 1.5 to 1.75 lbs lighter, and the wheel sets can be as much as 3 to 3.5 lbs lighter

this make a hugh difference in how the bike works and the power is delivered !!

i never could see why you spend 6000 to get a light bike,

and then spend more money on heavy wheels and hubs, tubs and tires and make it heavy like 10 year old bikes were :busted: .

the stock wheel sets are lighter than anthing you will get ,

and there is nothing wrong with them !! :banghead:

run the math on 1oz of weight 1" off the center line of the wheel center at 4000 rpm,

its 64 lbs

An off-road bike wheel spinning at 4000 rpm?? - wow, that's fast. :banghead:

How fast would I be going if my rear wheel was spinning at 4000 rpm? :banghead:

66.6 revolutions per second! :banghead:


DID makes a 36 spoke wheel. I s your old wheel in good shape? I assume it is a 19.

yes the hoop is in perfect condition and it is now powder coated black

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