off road shocks vs. lift

hey everybody.. well my 95' jeep cherokee needs new shock. hitting the smallest pothole is like hitting a speed bump going 40 mph.. its rough. now i dont want to put a bunch of money into it because its fairly old and has a lot of miles on it. 140,000. to be exact. i was looking into getting shocks, and sears had rancho shocks which they said were for offroading. im not a big offroader. maybe ill hit up a field everynow and then, but nothing too strenious. so how would getting off road shocks, and good mud tires be, compared to lift with good mud tires.. also whats the biggest tire i can fit on a stock jeep cherokee.. thanks

Basically a lift would allow you to fit slightly bigger tires and have better ground clearance otherwise if you don't want those or the look just get shocks.

Most aftermarket lifts are actually going to decrease the performance of your suspension; the factory doesn't invest millions of dollars in R&D just to build a shitty system (except for chevy's, j/k). If you want looks; go for the lift. If you want performance, you could go anywhere from having rancho shocks, to replacing the front coils and and rear leaf packs. If you want to see the differance in performance suspension vs. a lift kit, check out These are the guys that built the Dodge Cummins that took third in the Baja 1000.

Thumpmeister, depends on what you mean by "decrease the performance of your suspension". Some lifts may cause a harsher rider due to stiffer springs. Others can offer a "softer" ride, and others allow all the wheels to stay on the ground during extreme changes in the terrain.

ttr125lerider, the Rancho shocks are good shocks. And often priced good a Sears. But may not be any better for your situation than a good set of Monroe gas shocks. If you travel wash board or rough roads at fairly high speeds the Rancho aren't supposed to fade as bad.

Adding mud tires are going to cause higher noise levels at highway speeds. Unless you play in deep mud or snow a good set of all seasons will probably do you just fine. Often times they are even rated as mud and snows.

The largest tire you can fit on your Cherokee is a 31x10.50 . see for more options. Keep in mind that the larger or taller the tire you put, the less power it is going to feel like you have unless you change the gearing.

Ask your self how much longer you are going to keep that Jeep with 140k on it before you decide to lift it and throw on big meats. Also that puts a strain on old running gear.

The largest tire you can fit on your Cherokee is a 31x10.50

Wrong....30x9.50 is pushing it.....You will need at least a Budget Boost lift (Spacers/add leaf) to fit 31"s on a XJ and probably have to cut the flares. I'm a Jeep geek and if you have any question just ask....I have a 01 Cherokee, 2000 TJ (Wrangler) and a 79 FSJ Cherokee. The Wrangler is my "rock toy"!!

I'd go with a 2" Budget boost lift (Spacers on the coils and a add-aleaf for the rear springs.) Rubicon Express has a nice little kit with good shocks.

Rubicon Express

You can't get very big tires on an old Cherokee because they have so much axle articulation.

ranchos are great for 4-wheelin, they aren't the best for only road use. you can get really good shocks that are great on the road and still work in not to serious 4-wheelin.

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