250 exc racing

Is this available in the United states. I was just wondering bacause the web site was confusing.Thanks Ben

I don't believe the 250 exc rfs model has been available in the US for a couple of years now. That bike is very slow anyway. You'd be better off with a 400/450.

This bike was introduced in 02, worked fair, not fast enough to meet the ppular demand, last improted to US in 04, still available in Europe

Im only 14 And looking for a bike to trail ride. If you look at web dealers here in wi they show the bike but the ktm site says not usa

what does rfs stand for

Racing Four Stroke. :banghead:

Wizz, If your looking at a New or near new bike the best 4 stroke E start trail bike is the 05-06 Husky 250TE, 04 has a few valve issues

If E start and or 4 stroke probubly the best mid size woods bike you could get is the KTM 200. I am a big guy and spent most of my life on 400+ cc bikes, occasionally I get on a KTM200 and wonder why anyone wants more?

Wizzkidforever, if you can find a left over 250rfs cheap it is a good entry trail bike. There is a 351 big bore kit that makes this bike a true screaming woods riding machine. The gear ratios are a little narrower on the 250 versus the 400/450/525 and with the large bore short stroke of the 351 kit the bike flicks through the woods like a dream. Go over to http://www.ktmtalk.com/ and do a search on this bike. You will learn everything you need to know about it.

I disagree with Dave on the Husky only because you're a kid and Huskys are not as common in most areas nor do as many people have real intimate knowledge of them. The 300 and 351 kits are reasonably cheap and really wake this bike up.

That being said I want a new Husky TE450. I rode an 05 and it is a remarkable machine.:banghead:

Dave, it's interesting you noted the 200. I bought an 04 from a friend that rode it 15 minutes and hated it.

I've never really ridden a 2 stroke much in my life and now this "little" 200 is absolutely my favourite bike. Now I know why almost everybody I know with KTM 4 strokes also own a 200.:banghead:

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