Dream On

.....effortless hopping from one whoops to the the other..... seamless flow from acceleration....launch .... flight...... landing..... braking.... flick of the throttle to throw the back of the bike round the berm .....launch..... I'm floating on my bike..... I'm loving my bike.... my bike is a WR400......

My dream from last night....! I own a '87 Honda XL600LM (600 thumper Paris Dakar stysle). I'm desperatly in need of trading it in and buying that second hand '98 WR400 that just came in the shop (2'nd hand bikes are as rare as hens teeth here).

So before I shell out (and piss my wife off royally as I'm scrambling for the cash) any advice on what to watch out for ?

As far as I can tell the bike is stock except for seat & gas tank, bark busters.


The Missile

weak clutch baskets

mine blew up and caused much grief.

they (yamaha) changed them in 99

I'm not very well versed in the tech talk yet. What is a clutch basket ? I guess its the casing around the clutch assembly ? How does it break & why does it cause so much grief ?

clutch basket is weak. it should be replaced. I don't know if yamaha upgraded to a stronger one or not. if not, a Hinson clutch basket should be on your list [these are pricey] or would a 99 fit right up to your 98(?).

also, it is always easier to get forgiveness than permission...

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