Tall guy setup and gearing

Just about to get an 06 450r and I'm wondering what and who makes what ,I can do to stretch the bike out a bit. I'm 6'2". Are most running stock gearing or adding a tooth or two?

Lowered pegs are great. Fastway and IMS make lowered pegs. I believe with the IMS pegs you need to use their lowered peg mounts. The Fastway pegs are adjustable and you use the stock peg mounts.

A tall seat is nice. SDG makes a complete seat, CEET and Factory Effex have taller foam & covers.

BRP makes different types of bar mounts.

I have an '05 450R and just bought a 50 tooth Ironman sprocket. Haven't installed it on the bike yet, but I wanted lower gearing for tighter tracks and trails. 13/48 can be a bit tall at times, depending on where and what type of riding you do.

At 6'-2" I wouldn't do anything but put your stock bar mounts in the forward position and rotate the bars forward a little. I'm 6'-5" and run a 1/2" taller seat and bar and that's it.

Lowboy pegs scare me. Long legs, big feet and ruts are not a good combo. I got a knee reconstruction last month and I can tell you that you never want to go through that if you can avoid it

I like a 49 tooth rear sprocket for MX.

I put 50 tooth sprockets on and you can try my lower brackets and/or fastway pegs anytime Dan, I run both on my 450X, I would just have to ride the twin piper that day.

Thanks Steve ,that would be super cool.

I'm 6'2" on a crf250...Fastway lowboy pegs, sdg tall seat, stock bar clamps in forward position, and ditch those stock bars for something like the CR Highs. I rotate my bars forward too which opens everything up some more. The tall seat helps the tall lanky mofo's alot for the transition between sitting/standing :banghead:

I am 6'3, and all I did was put a tall seat from SDG on my bike, and moved my bars foward. Gearing and bar mounts are all stock.

Either RC or Pastrana bend bars.Roll them front

Tall SDG seat

and whatever else everyone else said

I just got done doing this to an '06 CRF450R. I went with the Moose Pegs that move your feet back .5" instead of the Lowboys that move them down .5". Don't want to get my feet any lower :banghead:

I also went with the Moose (SDG) tall seat for an 05' CRF, it fit perfectly.

I am using the ProTaper CR High Bars rolled forward, and the super tall bar mounts from www.Thumper-Racing.com. You have to call them to order these as they are not on the site. I'm 6'4" by the way, and with these mods I am :banghead:

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