Any end of season deals on Silencers anywhere?

I'm starting the uncorking process on my new 05 and have a few items coming from Baja Designs. Anybody know of any deals on silencers right now? Brand recommendations are appreciated also.

Anybody have any info on KOMPRESSOR exhausts?

Ebay has good deals...

my choice was and still would be White Bros E-Series

very nice pipe and doesnt stick out too far...sounds wicked, strong hit of power.

FMF is real dope 2

Try calling Pro Circuit direct. I just picked up a complete T-4 exhaust for my 04 650r from them at a parking lot sale, dirt cheap!!! They said they had more back at the factory. The Dyno say`s four more horse over stock/modified exhaust, at the rear wheel

whatever happened to the White Bros. head pipe that wrapped around to the left and met under the carb.? Did those even work, or did they work better do to the equal length?

I picked up a new WB E-series on ebay for under $200 :applause:

Looks great, sounds Great and appears very well built. I'm not sure how much punch it added because I did so many other things all at once. The bike now wheelies easily in 1st and 2nd and can be coaxed in 3rd. Stock, the front end stayed planted :ride:

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