Idling Problem

My bike stays around 4300 RPMs after I hit the throttle and wont return to normal idle. I tried adjusting the idle but no matter where I set it after I hit the throttle it stays above 4000 and only sometimes does it return to normal idle after 30 seconds or so. Bike is a 05 RMZ 250. Valves are in spec, carb is clean and throttle is working fine and adjusted properly.Thanks for any help.

does it have a hot start function?make sure it isn't open.have you done any maintenance recently?you might have kinked the throttle cable.check the fubars have included the following:rag in intact track=2 hours troubleshoot.slides in wrong carbs on dual carb xr=WOT thru staging area and soiled shorts.plug boot not reinstalled=20 min troubleshoot.slide in backwards on cr500=holy crap at startup WOT again.

It's probably something simple.check for obvious and then think more creative.

I think you might have something between slide and carb wall.could also be needle is hanging up if it did not seat in slide when installed and is now holding slide open.

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