trail riding in chadwick

Just got back from guys week at chadwick. Had a blast, but, there is a ranger there that has become a pain in the A**. He stopped use three different times and was trying to throw his weight around. Hey I'm all about doing the right thing but after seeing him on the trails i felt that i couldn't have fun anymore. He said that we were on a unmarked trail thats not supposed to be there. You know the single track trails that go from trail to trail. Told us that he could fine us $100 each. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you go to chadwick expect to meet him cause hes the new sheriff in town. Tells us to slow down on fire roads but don't do shit to the punks who think its cool to ride wheelies in the campground and race on the asphalt. some day i will bring my paint ball gun and have some fun with them at night. HAHAHA :banghead::banghead: I'm done

Sorry to hear that there is a new Sherrif in town! :lol:

We had a great 3 day midwest forum ride this last spring at Chadwick.

Fanatastic trails and great riding. Never saw rangers on the trails but we saw them at the parking area and campground checking for passes! :banghead:

Speeding? Trails closed but no signs? I bet he moved over from the Kaliforniastan BLM! :banghead:

they cant fine you if you dont stop for them. :banghead:

the thought crossed my mind of running him over so i wouldnt have to see him again. :banghead: I will have to keep my eye opened for the TT ride next year.

There used to be a guy on an xr400. "Do not run from him, he will catch you" was what i was told by some fellow I love chadwick, it's a lot of fun and a really neat place!

he always Say's that he is checking permits and wants to know what camp site your in. so if you run he will come find you :banghead: . Weight throwing Mother F#$@ER. :lol: Chadwick is a cool spot for riding except when it hasn't rained in a while. :banghead:

I've been riding Chadwick since 1967. It used to be a single track paradise. We used to actually take baths in Deer Trough on hot days. Stump Springs had a huge amount of water flowing from it year round and the creek that 101 used to run right up the middle always had water in it, even in the middle of summer.

In the last 5 years though heavy traffic and the despised quads have literally destroyed it. The rangers are way underfunded and problems there are mounting quickly.

The idiots on quads racing around the campsites and going out drinking and shooting guns at night is starting to cause some real alarm to us long term riders.

He said that we were on a unmarked trail thats not supposed to be there. You know the single track trails that go from trail to trail. Told us that he could fine us $100

There wouldn't be near as much of a problem with this except many users start their own trail and then everybody else uses it. As much as I like single track we MUST play by the rules in Chadwick. I know every inch of single track there and I'm now staying off it. Believe me when I say the rangers can get a lot harsher. It's happened before.

Now if you really want some single track and don't mind getting lost or hopping logs (a LOT of logs) drive a couple of more hours south to White Rock, Arkansas. It's the only place I've ever been that if it wasn't for the quads we wouldn't have near as many trails to ride.

Whitrock is a blast :banghead: . A buddy and i went there for the weekend in march. Froze my ass off at night. :banghead: Single track city. Loved it. :busted: We went again in July and stayed at mulberry river cabins. Very cool place. :lol: It was quiet the ride to get to whitrock trails but worth it. As far as quads, some of my friends ride them cause there p$#!!ies :busted: . but its all fun. they don't follow us in the tight stuff because we wont wait on them.HA HA

An aquantance of mine went down there, and he had not been down there in years. He took a trail that was not flagged as closed, and upon meeting the main road, he was stopped, and promply ticketed for riding a closed trail..

I know it's hard for them, but if they want good honest people down there riding they need to improve on ther people skills, and cut back on the tickets to people who don't know they are on a closed trail, saince they don't mark squat...

I don't know how you can say the trails aren't marked. The rule is it isn't a trail unless it is marked.

This is the same virtually anywhere that you have regulated trails.

Whitrock is a blast :banghead: . A buddy and i went there for the weekend in march. Froze my ass off at night. :lol:

I went down in January. It was suppossed to be 35 degrees. Well it really got down to 0. I never rode when it was that cold. Had an absolute ball.

KTMs don't start so easily when it's below 0 at night. :banghead:

We slept in my 6x12 enclosed trailer and used a small propane heater. had to leave door cracked so that we didnt kill ourselves. Got up around 3 am to piss stepped out door looking for bears and started my buisness. My buddy started snoring and scared the sh!t out of me. Sounded like growling to me. HAHA.

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