Newbie's back....Cam removal on an '88 250

Tearing apart the 1988 and I come across something foreign to me. Overhead cams :'). For the most part I own old Ducati's, Triumph's and some other oddball Itaian stuff. I tore the bike down but need a little help on how to get the cam tensioner off. From what little research I have done there appears to be plenty of life left in the cam and tensioner. If you recall the bike was put away in a back yard with no spark plug installed. I haven't kicked it over because I don't want to score the liner if there is shit in there. Before I get to the piston I need to remove the overhead cams. I have read a little about a pin the must be installed to remove the tension on the tensioner...where is that pin? If some could give a detailed rundown I am sure I can figuire it out.

This site is great, can't wait to be able to contribute.


The way to get some slack in the tensioner is you use a pair of vise grips to pull the top of the tensioner up - to the right of the cam gear, if you're standing on the left of the bike, is a little bit of plastic that is the top of the tensioner. Pull that up till you see a hole, and put a finishing nail or something through the hole to hold the tensioner up. That's what's meant by the pin thing.

When I tore down my 85 there wasn't enough nub sticking up to grab so I had to take off the cam gear without removing the tension. You can disassemble it with tension but you can't reassemble it. If you take it apart with tension once you get the head off you can squeeze the tensioner together to get the nail through it.

I'm not too good at explaining this but if you have a shop manual it does a pretty good job, and once you get it apart it should be relatively self explanatory. good luck :banghead:

:lol::banghead::banghead: you just cant beat a good service/owners manual,pick one up asap.also be sure you take it down at top dead center,thats how i do it and have not had any problems,you stated that you havent spun it over so go with what you thing is best in your case,and dont risk boogering it up,tell us how it is coming along.XR_Ron 86xr800 99xr250 97xr100, all modded some

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