Ted Mangold bonehead ATV rider

Anyone from San Antonio know this idiot? He buys an atv from a buddy. His buddy sells him an atv with a cracked tank. Both these brain surgeons go hunting in Colorado, without doing any maintenence on their machines. So cracked tank goes unnoticed. He gets to Colorado, and demands a warranty repair on an atv that is a year beyond warranty. Most companies require a return of broken warrantied parts. Polaris was going to warranty the tank, and this bonehead steals both the old tank and new tank from the dealership. He got busted by the cops, and hopefully is driving back to Texas pissed off.

How many dirt bikers are going to go on a 800 mile trip to ride for a week, and not make sure their equipment is ready to go before they leave on the trip?

This guy should be given an ATV darwin award.

Just another example of the general differences in approach to riding (life?) that exist between the 2 wheel and 4 wheel crowds. I am guessing something like this could've cost someone their life had the right situation occurred out on the trail.

I started to put my skill saw up last night after rigging some shelves in my trailor, I just forgot to unplug it first. I felt the wind from the blade pass by my shin, yeah I pulled the trigger when I picked it up. So I'm banned from this thread because of my on stupidity. Read my sig. It's the truth!

ATVs are proof of Darwins theory, just look at the gear they wear, or don't wear. Look where they ride, usually find a low wet spot in the trail, and then ride back and forth until they create a giant mud bog with deep ruts. No regard for the environment or trail maintenance. Cracks me up when we come along a pack of ATVs complete with Nazi helmets, and Orange County Choppers T-shirts.

ATVs are so popular because anyone can ride one. Takes no skill to bury a 400+ lb vehicle in the mud, just get on an push that thumb throttle, duh.

Darwins theory, the Slowest, dumbest will be picked off to better the overall health of the population.

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