Jet Dirt Bike on Ebay


Hey Guys Im 17 years old and next summer I plan on spending around $3,000 CND on a 250cc dirtbike (around 1995). I was looking for a dirt bike on ebay just for kicks and saw a ad. The ad for a JET bike that claims its as good as honda or yamaha. Its only $899.00 US brand new. Im from canada so I would have to pay fees to get it shiped over (some of them had free shipping). Im just wonder if this is a good idea. Or is this wanabe just a piece of crap? heres the Link. I don't know what do you guys think? I want to do some small jumps (around 20 feet) so would this thing have good enough suspension

go to this link

One wierd thing I noticed was that all the pictures they had of someone jumping was on a Honda CR or a yamaha. Why don't that have pictures of there bikes jumping. A lot of the stuff on it looks cheap like the front forks look pretty

skinny (but I guess it would have to be cheap to have such a cheap price). One thing that I like about it (besides the price) is that it has a 34" seat hight which would fit me nice (I'm five foot seven)

theres also a whole bunch of other bikes that are cheaper.

Check out the other ones that are brand new.

Also heres another bike that looks kinda nice (200cc Viva)

I want a bike that is powerful (but not too powerful becuse I am a newbie on dirt bikes) and good for jumping and maybe in the future lisence it for street use.

Whats better JET or Viva? (the viva looks like a better quality bike to me)

ok...i'll say it.

buy a used bike from honda, kawi, suzuki, yamaha,'d be just as well served to spend the 900.00 you'd spend on that turd at the strip club - either way you'll be out 900 bucks without a decent ride :banghead:

I think they are chinese made pos. I would only get one if your interested in fabrication. You might become a proficient fabricator having to make all your replacement/after market parts yourself. I think I'd save longer, and just buy any Yam,Hon,Kaw,Suz thats in your price range. At least you'll be able to find parts for any of those 4 bikes down the road..Good riding.. :banghead:

Darn James, you stole my thunder...If I could've been 2 minutes

i like the fake throttle jockey sticker and fake bbr seat cover on that viva bike haha

Yeah totaly. I just saw it and thought it was worth asking about it. I probably get a 1995 Honda 250cc for around $3,000 CND

do not but that........ please........nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo!!

I wouldn't buy one just because the pictures of the three bikes at the bottom of the page are not the same bike. Those are actually pictures of a honda, a yamaha, and a kawasaki.

If their bike is such a piece of shit that they have to use false pics, I wouldn't bother.

Look carefully at the pics. Looks like a steel swingarm, look at the brake and shift lever, look at the weight (252). Chain adjusters etc. RUN AWAY! RUN FAR AWAY! Buy a used bike from the big 5 or you will be sorry :banghead:

Yeah totaly. I just saw it and thought it was worth asking about it. I probably get a 1995 Honda 250cc for around $3,000 CND

you can get newer than a 1995 for three grand. my street legal 1997 XR400 was 2500 in spring and my roommate's 2001 CR250 was 3500 in fall. there's boatloads of XR250s what are waay cheaper than three grand, especially the 96-00 models.

Wait till one of these show for sale used! $!50.00? :banghead:

Im talking Canadian. My cousin got a XR450 2001 for $3,000 but he knew the guy so he gave him a deal. I will probably beable to get around 2000 though cause 450cc costs more than 250cc. Right?? Do the older bikes have shorter seat hights? cause the new ones I can't fit. My counsins 2000 Xr450 I can fit at lot better than an 2006 Xr250.

Ive Got a 1992 RMX 250 in really good shape for sale - 2400 bucks canadian - and i live in calgary - Its a great enduro bike - especially for the Price. Can you get a faster newer bike - Probably but you'll pay more and it probably wont be as set up for the woods. This thing has an FMF Pipe and silencer - Handgards and Bark Busters - decent rubber - chain sprockets - ready to go...The Jet bike -- hmmm looks a bit sketchy to me. Good luck dude.

that thing is the biggest piece...

Those bikes are such shit if you attempted to jump them like the 3 REAL bikes above the ad, you'd bust your ass and wind up in the hospital with a chinky bike crammed in you bum.

I bought an 01KX250 with less than 50 hours for $2650 CDN, and a snowplow from our quad that we never used, and a go kart that was broken and was only worth $100. We knew the guy so we got a deal, but you could get like a 2000 CR, KX, YZ, RM 250 for around $3000.

lollers jet bikes....what will they think of next to sell old,used,POS chineese crap....look at the pics...theyre of honda yamaha kawisaki etc....just get a real made bike

Forget about it. My friends dad bought him and his brother one and they work on them more than they ride them. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Those look like the biggest pos bikes Ive ever seen. Save your money and buy from the big 5. Im sure theres plenty of deals out there. Just gotta look for them.

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