GPX 125cc engine on sale now $499

GPX 125cc engine on sale now, These are the same bad boys we use in the Pitster Pro. Start in any gear, durable and loads of torque! Bolt into a crf 50 or other Honda style bikes.


Complete with carb, intake ready to go horse power!

this is a very sturdy well made engine .

our race team has been running the hard all year and we really like this engine

lots of stock hp and very torqey

and theres alot of hop up availble and more in development now

Vince what kindda horse power #'s are you talkin about...

8 rwhp.

Thanks 5-0.. For a 125 motor thats not really much... I thought they would pump out more then that.. A stock 50cc honda puts out 2.5 big ass ponies.. What does a 88cc with super head kit, + all the goodies like cam, pipe, etc.. with stock crank do? Anyone know..

I know the classic honda 124SE motor claims 16-17hp.. I've seen a bike with that motor in action, definitly fast but costly...

What can you make run like that, without the $4000+ price tag? But be reliable too...

I think that an 88 kit with head and cam gets like really close to 8hp...

Here is a link to the dyno we have done. we will also have a dyno for the 145cc big bore soon also.

Talk to Vince or Don and through a 26mm carb High Rev CDI, and a Pipe and your getting some serious POWER for the $$$.

the gpx runs like a race head 88

but has WAY more torque

and 5 plate rear pos MANUAL clutch 4 speed trans

massive oil pump

this is a good powerfull easy to install upgrade

we will keep everone posted as more power upgrades are avalible for sale

I think that an 88 kit with head and cam gets like really close to 8hp...

yup very close to 8hp BUT no 4 speed trans and no manual clutch ( mines a takagawa 88 kit ) .

the real deal is you CAN build a honda motor to have over the horse power of a stock gpx124 BUT not for $499.00 , you'd need a 88 kit/cam/race head/pipe ect plus you'd allready have to have a honda motor or bolt in a gpx124 then add cam/head work/pipe ect and your over the 10/12 horse power mark for about the same bucks ( honda guys don't flame out cos i know i have a honda too and know how much it costs to build ).

we are very excited about our 145 big bore also, It should be very good power at a very affordable price. Should have the Dyno's soon.

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