GPX 125cc Pitster Pro motors on sale now $499

GPX 125cc engine on sale now, These are the same bad boys we use in the Pitster Pro. Start in any gear, durable and loads of torque! Bolt into a crf 50 or other Honda style bikes.


Complete with carb, intake ready to go horse power!

how much hp do they make?

this engine makes about 8hp and it makes 7 ft lbs of torque

with drop in cam we get 10hp


this is a 4 speed maunal

5 plate clutch

high volume oil pump

we have been racing with this engine all year with great results



Do you sale the engine Whit the came upgrade?

I can get you the cam, but right now, It is a bolt in after the fact type deal. We are working on making it more user friendly and selling complete race engine, But It will take alittle more time for that.

They are very reliable and great engine, you wont be disappointed!

Are the motors still on sale? I noticed the motor is 899 on the site. also, is it a 2 valve or 3 valve motor and is it the same valve adjustment procedure as a stock CRF50?

Do you sale the engine Whit the came upgrade?

we now have built engines that can be special ordered

go to forum and see the thread GPX WORKS KIT 1 for prices

52.4 high comp

crower cam

head porting

kitako inner rotor kit

t bolt crank wieght reducer

All parts may be purchased seperatly

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