best pipe for a yz250f

Im looking for the best pipe that will give me more power on my low to mid range on my 05 yz250f? Are Bills pipes any good? I haven't seen much write up about them.

I had a White Bros Alum Pro on mine, and I liked it alot and could deff tell a difference.

Got it on ebay ,brand new for $310 and that was with shipping

Dr D is great too. Mr Dubach seems to know his way around those YZF's and how to help with the low and mid. I love mine on my '05 too.

I agree Phacops. Dougy knows his stuff, and does testing for Yamaha Motor Corp.

I have had both the WB Race series and the Drd on the same bike.

Hands down the WB has more power EVERYWHERE over the DrD pipe. You will have to work on the jetting more with the WB pipe, but it has the most power.

Dr D. has got to be one of the best

I've got an FMF factory 4 system. With stock head pipe and factory 4 silencer/mid pipe the top end opened up and pulled farther. (Partner that with a larger rear sprocket and the bike gets up to top speed faster). With the power bomb added instead of the stock head pipe, the bike gains a little more in the low end.

The only bad thing I can say is that its loud. Not any louder than WB or Pro Circuit or Yoshimura, but the noise takes getting used to compared to stock.

Any pipe you get will probably benefit from jetting.

This is the only pipe I've run so I can't make any comparrisons, but its better then stock by alot

big guns are good, i got a race series on my '02, and it woke up the bike all thru the powerband, and i havnt even jetted it yet, chm is a good system also, and there the only ones ive used

I just got an HMF (bought it from a member here.) But they are slip on mounts direct from for about $200.00. They are LOUD pipes (about 105dB - maybe more) Silencers are $20.00 (around 96dB). They are available powdercoated in colors. I have the Candy Blue pipe. ANyway, I immediately noticed a HUGE difference after I put this pipe on. Best money I have ever spent. I run it at the track without the silencer. It seems to breathe just a little better that way.

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