Anyone have a KTM450SX - what do you think?

I am thinking about getting one. But I would like "real world" reviews about the bike.

Thanks for sharing! :banghead::banghead:

I Have A 05 Ktm 450sx Ramon. Awesome Bike. The Suspension Is Really Good Off The Bat. I Race Mostly Harescrambles And Mx. The Bikes Works Great For Both. The Overall Appearance And Parts On The Bike Are Great. I Had A 05 Yz450f Before This Bike And The Ktm Is A Better Bike. The Motor Is Better All Around And The Suspension Is Much Better. I Would Say Buy The Bike.

I've had 2 an '04 and '05 both have been great bikes. No problems with either. The only problem I had was suspension but I ride MX inter/expert and @ 240lbs I have that problem no matter what brand bike I buy.

thanks guys :banghead:

I have 2 problems went thru a clutch in a year, and spit out the head gasket.I still love the bike and the head gasket was replaced on six speed conversion anyway. Great bike!

Yeah good bike but the weight and power of it will make it harder to ride on real rough tracks unless your really fit

Don't all 450 were you out on rought tracks? Or do you think it's more likey with a KTM?

Does anyone have any experience with the 03 model?

Does anyone have any experience with the 03 model?

yep, great bike to ride, when its running. Nothing but problems my end, but from when i've read, mine is just a lemon. Replaced the clutch, top end, many gaskets (desperate attempt to find an oil leak), various hoses that cracked, all in under a year.

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