took five years off from riding but picked up a 05 yz250f a few days ago.

stoked about riding again. waiting on boots and helmet. should be out this sunday.

the bike has muzzy exhaust??

what do you know about the muzzy exhaust?

No, haven't seen that one.

But you are about to get your concept of what high RPM's are completely redefined.

Welcome. :banghead:

When it sounds like the bike is reving pretty high, grab some more throttle and listen (and feel) what 13,500 rpm's is like :banghead::banghead: .


Nothing, but good choice on picking the Yz250F, Im guessing any aftermarket exhaust will outdo stock.

Congrat's! Your going to kick yourself for not riding for 5 years! Have fun and don't let your buddies push you too hard at first.

thanks guy's.

been regretting it for years.

new job, moved bought a house, got married, have a son coming in Feb.

been busy.

but the helmet will be in on Monday and the tracks open Tue.

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