SDG "pro"

Has anyone heard any bad things about this bike. We all know that the other sdg bikes suck but what about this new one. My buddy wants to get into the pitbike scene and the dealer he is sponsored by can hook him up with one. Should he go for it or should he stay away due to the bad reputation sdg has?

If this has been discussed before sorry.

Well if they are definetly going to "HOOK" him up with one then go for it. If it takes a dump then bag it.

I'm with Don Waffle, If you're "hooked up"....go for it! :banghead:

if it ends up being a pile its cuz of the motor..if it craps out put a different motor in and u'll have a kick ass bike

Yea everything else "looks" solid, especially that I beam looking tank of a frame. Ill let him know.

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