Baffle removal, 96XR 250

after hearing all the good things about running without the baffle... i tried to remove mine... :lol:

want that throaty sound all those biggies make :banghead:

But sadly my exhaust tip is non-removable. Only the little cap thing came off and the rest seems to be wlded in place... :banghead:

what can i do to uncork my ride without going for a new pipe...

I'm new this as you would've noticed...graduated from 2strokes and loving it :lol:

any help is appreciated...

thanks guys


Thanks for the quick reply...was searching google to no end...LOL

My bike is a Jap import... The exhaust doesn't have the numbers like the one you've pictured... It says HONDA :banghead: and HM KCZ K1

I get the feeling that this is non-removable :banghead:)))

When i removed the shiny cap thing...there's nothing "removable" by conevntional methods underneath it....looks like sealed shut ....

On second thought :banghead:

does A1 and K1 stands for that same thing on tips. Maybe american models are A1 and Jap models are K1 or something :banghead:

I was reading the "tubo's" post on removing baffles on XR's...what he's saying is going for a new pipe only gives a slight weght loss and huge bill :lol:

Isn't there anything you can do to take out tha damn baffle that's choking my ride :banghead::lol:

Like i've said end cap come off with 3 bolts and it doesn't hold the spar arrestor....the cap comes off all by it self. It's fixed on to the barrel with a frame kind of a thing... and instead of A1...this one says K1 :busted:

say...if you have a A2 type...the non-removable... Isn't there anything you can do... :banghead:

I'm sure someone out there would've figured out a way tackle that also :lol:

You can find an A1 spark arrestor and replace your K1. If you do put an A1 in, put a quiet core in it. Baja designs and Quiet products make a good one.

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