Edelbrock vs. Mikuni


I'm considering buying a new carb. I live in europe where mikuni and keihin are the easiest to get. But the keihin is way too expensive, and I have heard many good things about the edelbrock, but also the mikuni.

So what to buy.. The mikuni is cheap and easy for me to get hands on. And the Edelbrock is little bit more expensive, and will take longer time to get because I have to order from the US.

Which ones the best??

What about jetting?? If i buy Edelbrock I'm almost certain that there's no spare jets in any bikestores around here, maybe mikuni og keihin jets will fit??

please help ;-)

Just ordered a Mikuni along with some other mods. Im sure a dyno session will sort it out. Ther cant be to much difference once set up properly.


What about jetting?? If i buy Edelbrock I'm almost certain that there's no spare jets in any bikestores around here, maybe mikuni og keihin jets will fit??

please help ;-)

There are no jets in the Edelbrock. Do a search, there's tons of info.


I have both. I have had both on dyno's on stock bike (uncorked) and 680cc bike. Bike with open exhaust of all different kinds. The Mikuni (once tuned right) is much smoother. You can tune it to perfection. That is it's down side. So many options that the average guy gives put before he gets the carburetor right. Most Mikuni's come setup for a Harley and because of this the air jet is to small and the neelde jet is way to big. Once you get the needle jet, needle and air jet right, the Mikuni TM40 is not any harder to tune then the stock Kehin. The TMR40 is a better carburetor.

If tuning is not your bag then the Edelbrock is the better carburetor. It does have a jet that is changable on there newest carburetor. You just don't ever need to cange it if the carburetor is going to stay on this bike. The needle is adjusted or changed to make all fuel to air mixture adjustments. That is the Edelbrocks down side. You can not adjust the bottom end or change one part of the fuel mixture without effecting the other.

Mikuni upside:

Way more tunable for those looking to get the most out of a carburetor. Everything is changable....everything!

Because of the tunability it can be super smooth from bottom to top.

Has a killer accelerator pump.

Does not fload the air box laying on one side and not near as bad as stock on the other. Bike does run for a little while on it's side. Much longer then stock.

More peak Horsepowr then stock or Edelbrock (if tuned right)

Bike will start first kick (Hot or Cold)

Edelbrock's upside:

You can tune the fuel mixture anywhere any time, only need tools to lift the gas tank to get to the knob.

Bike is major forgiving for altitude change. Has about 5,000+ foot change without loosing to much performance.

Easy to bore over to a bigger size.

Bike will not fload at all laying on it's side. Bike will run laying on it's side.

Bike will start first kick (Hot or Cold)

Easiest carburetor to use/tune on the market.

Mikuni Downside:

Need to know how to tune a carburetor.

Need tools to to take the carburetor apart to change jets.

Has about a 3,000 foot range in altitude and then you will feel the difference in power.

Edelbrock Downside:

Can't adjust all of the carburetor for special modified bike very well.

It's a 36mm X 42mm Venturi not 40mm like the Mikuni.

I am running a Edelbrock Carburetor on my 680cc bike right now. It is bored out to be 42mm. It works well but, has a lull in the 2,800rpm to 3,200rpm range that the Mikuni does not have.


That's good info, BWB63.

How did you solve the issues of the Mikuni apparently not fitting the stock intake manifold and air boot? Isn't it to short also?

Can you use the stock throttle/cables with the Mikuni?

I really didn't like the longer travel of the throttle that came with the Edelbrock.


Anybody use a Mikuni TM 40 on a L model?

I used a TM 38? when they first came out on my 541 ascot.

It was so new that nobody could figure it out for a four stroke.

I talked to the Mikuni USA Vice president and he helped

me get it working perfect. They send me a 6.0 slide (free) and told

me to file down the tower around the needle.

I would like to stick with a Mikuni just from the great sevice

I received. :banghead:

If you are motarding the bike on the same track in similar conditions i would get an FCR or fiddle with the Mikuni...

If off roading i would get an edelbrock.

Do a search--theres LOTS of talk about all this.

best place to buy the edelbrock is

www.barnumspro.com-shipment to europe is about 10 days. cost should be far cheaper than the others.

Thanks for all the help. Here in denmark where I live the elevation problem will not be a problem since the highest point is around 140 meters ;-)

I think I will go for the Mikuni, it sounds a lot superior the Edelbrock. And since I am getting a very skilled guy jetting it, that won't be a problem.

Next thing must be opening the airbox and bigger header :-)

By the way Bruce, maybe you have a Mikuni for sale?? :-D

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