3x3 mod...what did you use to cut out the hole?

doing the 3x3 finally and was just curious what tool you guys used to cut out the whole.

thanks -

Drilled 4 holes in the top...Each hole in

the corner of the square I was going to

cut. Then I used an exacto knife to cut between

the holes. Careful with the knife when cutting

as you'll need to put quite a bit of pressure

while cutting. If you have a portable hand

jigsaw that would be easier but just make

sure you block off the opening to the carb

so as not to get any plastic pieces in it...

roto drill

Stanley knife

dremel tool with the cutting wheel attachment

Haven't done it on the DRZ yet, but on the WR, I marked my cutting lines, drilled 1 hole and heated up a bolt with a torch, inserted the bolt in the hole and ran the hot bolt along the cutting lines. Does a nice job, and than you can clean it up with a file.

Not saying this is better, but giving you another option.

Die grinder with a carbide bit. Cuts like buttah.

Dremel tool and a small drill bit.

use a 1" hole saw for a drill to cut the 4 corners, then cut from hole to hole with a drywall saw on the outside edges. cheap hand saw (about 5 bucks)made for cutting holes in drywall for switch and recepticle boxes. I placed masking tape on the top of the box to outline everything first with a pen... then cleaned up the edges with a file... if you don't have or don't want to buy power/torchs that will do it easier.. make sure you remove the filter no matter what you do, or you will be buying a new one... and be careful where the clearance to the bottom is narrow not to cut it too....

A soldering iron - if you mark the hole and work along a straught edge, it's very neat and accurate. A sharp knife trims up the edges so it looks like it was moulded that way.


Drew shape on box, drilled 4 corners with 1/2" spade bit, hand-held hack saw blade to connect the corners, sand paper to smooth edges, shop-vac to clean debris out of airbox.


A rotozip or a rotory cutting bit in a dremel would probably work awesome too.

If you choose a drill/saw then remove the filter first and stuff a rag into the intake. The goo on the filter loves the plastic bits.

Stanley knife, warmed up with a blow lamp. cuts thru it like paper

kitchen knife :banghead:

covered the intake... drilled 4 small holes....then used a bare hacksaw blade...hahah

A sharp knife.

Anything else will leave debris in the air-box, or stuck to the filter and the inside of the air-box.

Neil. :banghead::banghead:

A hammer, some chicken wire, and a Bruce Willis CD.

Use a utility knife as you don't want any debris going down the box.

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