best pump gas?

what is the best pump gas to run? :banghead:

And I don't mean trick or race fue. :banghead:

the highest you can in cali it would be 91 octane....I always add a splash of octane doesnt hurt.

i run 93 v shell power the best gas runs the best

Amoco or now is it bp?93 Oct white great for us!

i've heard shell is the best

shell or chevron

Here out of the pump we hace 3 different octanes 89/95 and 97, and petrobras offers one with 100 octanes I run ESSO 97, it works great.

Several of the Motocross magazines have discussed this and they all say the same thing: If your running a STOCK yz 450f, use 91 octane. Using 92 or 93 is also fine, but if you run any higher octane, you're just wasting money, and some of the higher race fuels have also given LOWER horsepower ratings than 91.

Aftermarket higher compression piston's are a different matter, but if you're running stock than 91 is fine.

91, 92 octane.

Any name-brand gas station is the best place to buy from because they always have a more fresh supply. Stay away from Arco in California, because they use a different blend than the rest of the stations...and if you switch between them your bike will run poorly.

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