another 2 vs 4 dillema

hi all,

now i know you are all 4strk fanatics but try answer to wat you think will b honestly best 4 me. im 15 bout 5'6 and 155 to 160 lbs i had a honda 50 wen i was about 8 i rode it until bout ten then didnt ride ne thing until july 04 wen i decided i wanna get bak into ridin so my dad(who knows sweet bugger all about bikes) didnt want 2 waste a huge amount of money coz he was convinced i wuldnt use it for long and the novelty would wear off so he got me a cheap chinese 4strk 125 a big heavy thing with no suspension and with a weight of 230 lbs so ive had it 4 a year and a half and i didnt lose interest and i have pretty much destroyed it bcoz this ting wasnt built 2 leave the ground but i made it and its not the best quality. So now i want 2 get into motocross my problem of course is wat bike to get the amount of money of got to spend will get me somethin in the 02-03 model range and im not sure wat to get out of ktm 125sx yz125 or yz250f i want the bike wich me and my dad could maintain the easiest and of course maintain the cheapest but i want something that would be easy to ride and learn motocross on and be competitive with if there is a difference.please help me and im so sorry for the huge post. thanks a heap in advance



thanks BuLlY

Well for starters, your post would be easier to read if you wrote it in English rather than cute-ish or dude-ish or whatever you call it. Cute spelling has limited novelty, and you might even get more responses that way :banghead:

2-strokes typically have to be rebuilt more often but when you do rebuild, it's cheaper (no valves, cams, etc.). They're harder to ride than a 4-stroke because they have much more of a power hit (if you've ever ridden a YZ250 you'll know what I mean - the power comes on like light switch).

If want to get into MX my preference would be a 250cc 4-stroke; second would be a 125 2-stroke. The 4-stroke is a lot easier to ride and still has plenty of power, and the price for a 3-4 year-old bike won't be that much different between the 2 types.

yah hes right 4 stroke would be good to start on and they do have plenty of power :banghead:

Do yourself a favor and just buy a two stroke. IMO people sell four strokes because they feel a blow up is near and don't want to pay for that. I've heard of way too many people who bought used four strokes and the valves are all out of spec. Or worse, if they didn't check it had a mechanical failure pretty soon. BTW if you are not racing competitively a 125 is super fun because of the lightweight. the 2002-2003 YZFs are about 10 pounds hevier than the ones running around today (05-06). Just my 2 cents

To start off, 4 stroke.


To start off, 4 stroke.


He's ridden bikes before. Just not a full sized bike. And he's talking about picking up a used one. Not a good idea with four stroke MXers IMO.

ok so 2stroke sounds like the way to go but what brand im thinkin yamaha or ktm and maybe suzuki if its a good deal but what would be the most competitive with the 4strks?

also ive heard a ktm 125sx will last longer between top ends than any other brands is this accurate? thanks a heap


For 2 stroke, YZ125 and sx125 are both excellent bike :banghead: . For me the yz is 100% and sx 98%. Other brand are between 85-90%.

Rony :banghead: .

06 yz125

04 yz250f gone

01 rm250 gone

well i started on a 2-stroke yz 125 :lol: about 3 yrs ago and ive got beter and beter and now i rode a 4 stroke the other w/e and im even faster on that so i would say get a 4 stroke they are so good to ride :banghead: GO THE YAMAHA WATEVA YOU CHOOSE :banghead:

He's ridden bikes before. Just not a full sized bike. And he's talking about picking up a used one. Not a good idea with four stroke MXers IMO.
Neither of my YZF's were new. I don't buy new bikes because they cost too much unless you intend to keep them entirely stock. Used bikes in good condition and loaded with add-ons sell for about the same money as used stockers in the same shape do, so that's what I look for.

Neither of them have blown up, although I did need to do a valve job on the 250F when it got close to 400 hours in January of this year, 20 months after I bought it. Even including that, the bike and the $1500 worth of aftermarket equipment it came with has cost me less than $4000.

Two strokes need less money spent on maintenance at a given moment, but they need it more often. Pistons that aren't replaced at least annually can lead to the destruction of a cylinder, and the rod bearings are more likely to fail in a 2-stroke due to the scant lubrication they receive. Oddly enough, this last is actually more likely on play bikes than racers, because they will sometimes be ridden at high speeds at part throttle, like riding fire roads. The oil comes from the gas; less throttle, less oil.

hi again,

i hav seen a good deal on a 04 rmz250 that has just done a top end would this be a good bike to get

oh and it has a new top end with titanium valves and a pro circuit oil cover i know these bikes have had problems but would these make it as reliable as yzf's

thanks BuLlY


??? please help me

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