96 XR250, won't go neutral

Hi All,

My second thread here...hope i'm not over-using the free services :lol:

I have a stock xr...except for lights....sprockets etc.

I can't get into neutral when the engine is running and the bike's not moving...street traffic is a nightmare since now i have to either shut off the engine and get to nutral or be on the clutch...

when the bike is moving...i can get into neutral....or else either i have to "jump" the bike a few times to try and get it to neutral.

Played with the freeplay...but didn't work. Bike pulls nicely...shifts perfectly when the engine is not running... getting into first gear is a bit tricky unless i give a nice tapdown or the gear doesn't engage properly...

any idea why this is happening :banghead:

Recently changed oil and this started happening afterwards...maybe it's connected to this and maybe not.... I tend to put more oil all the time....it spews out from the frame cap :banghead:

help please...i love my xr

You could try changing your oil, but I doubt it would help. Sounds like possibly a bent shift shaft, have you fallen on it lately? If not its probably going to be an engine teardown to find the offending part.

You will also want to try following the oil checking procedure. Oil coming out of the frame cap is indicative of gross overfilling and/or the lack of an o-ring on the cap.

My observations have been that finding neutral and shifting into first from a standstill (when hot) are inherently a bit touchey on the XRs. Mine has been since new. I've got it down pretty well but it bites me when I least expect it.

:banghead::banghead: Did you use the proper oil? when you do an oil change,dont think that you can just dump all the oil in at once, you should go very slow on the pour with a small funnel,I hate to slop oil on my bike.Anyway you may have gotten some of that oil not recommended for motorcycles causing slippage of the clutch thus your shifting problem? Just A thought XR_RON 86xr600 99xr250 96xr100,all modded some

Dont know if it will help, but i have troulbe shifting into neutral when at a stop but only while running. I find that if i let the clutch engage just a little so the bike rocks forward, then pull the clutch in again, i can get it into neutral with ease. Dont ask me why, but it works. I have 2 buddies with xr400s also, and they also have troulbe hitting nuetral when stopped.

:lol::banghead::banghead: Is this problem xr400 specific? my xr250 goes in and out of gear perfectly,running or not.I hope it"s because Im changing out the oil at 350-400 miles,this is just cruising though,If it was all out racing,then it would be changed out after every race.
:banghead::banghead::lol: I stand corrected,your post does indeed say xr250,I did not intend to booger it up.

2 causes

the little shifter detent behind the right side cover is worn -remote

most probable cause is warped clutch plates( the steel plates).

I pulled my clutch apart 3 times and checked the plates on a surface plate, everything looked and measured in spec. for thickness and flatness

if you look closely at the steel plates there will be funny wear marks, which indicate warpage. however the plates do not distort until they heat up.

some oils make the friction plates swell, which makes the warped plate problem worse.

I replaced the clutch plates and all has been well for two years.

do a search and you will find several threads that say the same thing. "Replaced the clutch and the problem went away"

Thanks all :busted:

I found out yesterday that my clutch cable was giving up near the lever....it was holding on by only a few strands :busted:

Got the sucker replaced but the problem is still there... Like some had said...if i rock the bike while pulling on the clutch...it will go in to neutral :busted:

Azdragoon... I haven't fallen ever from my XR...yet at least... did all of my falling on my MTX200... Broke the engine housing also on that by falling :lol:

I change oil quite often and use caltex Super 4T...cheap shit but thought it'll do since i change it once a month.... I do a lot of on road riding since this is my commuter rig to come to office in the morning :banghead: But it's all high speed riding...140-100 kmh... This gear thing happens when i get bogged down in traffic and theres no pavements get on to :busted:

Putting oil is messy though i use a funnel...i follow the haynes manual steps by putting measured amount of oil 1.6litres if my memory is correct but even after this if were to run the engine for 5 mins and check the oil.... the damn thing's below level :banghead: so i end up putting more :lol:

guess unconsciously i like to take the chance with more oil in there thatn less oil :crazy:

Will check the clutch but don't trust mechanics here...they messed up my 2 stroker so can't imagine what they'll do to my 4 stroker

No worries XR_RON... would love to have a 400 or a 650 but the damn laws here allows a mac of 250...anything over....they confiscate :lol:

Will my tranny get screwed if i ride like this....

thanks all :lol:

I would change the clutch-really quite simple.Drain oil. Take off the cover. PAy attention to the clutch release mechanism in the cover. Remove the center bolt, use an impact if you have it.

Unbolt the clutch cover plate and replace the friction and steel discs.

Put it back together, add oil , adjust clutch and ride.

You sure aren't going to prolong tranny life.

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