Creeky forks?

After a recent fork rebuild by a local technician, I seem to have a "creeky" sound coming from the forks while compressing them. I kind of sounds like a creeky bed spring. I usually expect to hear only the whooshing of oil/air compressing. Is something wrong? Anyone else experience this?

probably just dry fork springs.

When you ride it around a bit, it should go away.


That noise should go a way after a ride. maybe just the new fork seal?

could be a fork seal, but...if it sounds like a spring on metal (mattress springs)...then it's just the springs being dry.

Do a couple of double jumps, then a triple. DO NOT jump more than 3 buses at a time until you know the noise has gone away. :banghead::banghead:

Do you have the stock fork boots or aftermarket motocross style fork shield. The scotts shields (like they used to sell with the fork brace) will squeak in a similar manner to what you describe. WD40 will fix them.

I hate to ask, but what bike are we talking about?

I would guess the spring will eventually seat itself and the creeking will go away.

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