Service manual for Xtreme?

I am picking up an Xtreme CRIII later today and am curious if anyone knows if a full service manual is available for the bike or even just the motor. This is one of the first things I usually buy when I get a new bike as i do all of the service myself. All of my past bikes have been Japanese and finding a manual was no problem.

the bike should come with a manual, my thumpstar did and it has all service tips in it and log book for servicing to keep track of services aswell.

haha, good luck. Xtreme have never been known to worry excessively about getting people service manuals. If you want a parts schematic, you should be able to find one on their website. If not, I can send you one. As for servicing etc. Just give me an e-mail. I have several of their motors/ bikes, and with racing them and I all, I know about all there is to know (atleast what you have to know to make it run :banghead: ) about them. So if you got problems, give me a message, or I know a dealer who can hook you up with some info.

I guess I'm used to Jap manuals. I was looking for info beyond general service information. Stuff like wiring diagrams, stator and coil impedences, transmission gear run out specs, crank end play, etc. Stuff for really diving into the motor and doing things "right". Guess I'm a little anal when I'm wrenchin but then again my other bikes cost way more than this Xtreme! Thanks for the help offers guys, I may take you up on the parts schematic. I'll see what comes with it this afternoon.

Hey "Pit Bike Guy", Curious as to what pipe you might be useing. I have an 05/CR11 with a 26mm carb. Runs great, but I'm sure theres a better pipe than stock. Thanks.

I know the guys over at Trapani Racing has a guy racing the extreme.. He also helped out the 2 extreme riders that flew in from the west coast to do the Kawasaki Race Of Champions a couple weeks ago... Im sure he has some good set up tips for you...

Hey Gusano. All I really have run is a stock exhaust. I didn't figure much would help unless I got the best. THE best exhuast out there is Classic Honda's top of line, hand built, carbon fiber exhuast system. That thing is awesome, and Guy Cooper will back me up on this one. The bummer thing is they are like $700! Unfortunately, Classic didn't feel like giving me much of a deal, so.......I run stock. :banghead:

There is guy here in West Palm Beach that is an Xtreme dealer on the side of his construction business. I got one of the CRIII's for $2200 including tax. It was assembled and ready to go. I probably could have gotten a slightly better deal through mail order-no tax and put it together myself but if I have issues I have someone to go back to for support.

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