Best muffler for KTM?

Does anyone have a better choice for muffler than the stock can on a '05 400 exc?

I'm told the stock cans are pretty good but I'd like a quieter one if possible.

I ride in areas where sound is a big issue and they're trying to get rid of us.


Well, on my DRZ that I had (its gone now), I put a FMF Q2 which was actually louder than the stock muffler. IT did improve the power a bit but if i had the chance to do it again, I wouldn't. I don't know about the off-road KTM four strokes, but I think stock would be best. Where do you ride at?

I believe that stock is best. If you search over on KTMTalk you'll find some info on quieting down stock. PM me if you want to discuss further.

Use the KTM - SX muffler it works excellent on the 400 EXC as this is what I have been using on the last 3 KTM four strokes, this isn't near as obnoxious loud as a aftermarker muffler and definitely not as spendy..... You can usually pick one up on the "for sale" boards on or Ebay pretty reasonable, bolts right up. Keep the stock one around if you need the forest

service approved spark arrestor.


I've read that repacking the stock exc silencer with the MSR spaghetti-looking material brings the db rating down to something like 96. I'm going to try one of the enduro engineering kits myself soon because my stock exc pipe is sounding a bit loud lately, and the EE kit looks pretty simple. I also ride in an area where I try to be as stealthy as possible.

He's asking for a quieter muffler guys, not one that performs better. And I applaud him for it.

I looked for the same thing for my RFS's and the only one that got consistently good reviews was the quieter Leo Vince (sp?). Otherwise, stock is about as quiet as it gets. KTM used to have the quietest stock exhaust but are falling behind the WR and CRX's now so I hope they step up soon.

stock exhaust on my 05 450 exc is 92db

Most magazine tests have them closer to 94-95db.

I sound checked at 94 on my '05 400 EXC. It sure made me feel good after my wimpy 84 db last year on the stock WR :banghead:

There seems to be something a little odd with the 04 and 05 400s concerning sound. My 04 400 is MUCH louder then my 02 which has never been repacked in over 10k miles. I've noticed this with some of our other riders with newer 400s. They seem to have more "bark" than the 450s and 525s.

I may be crazy but it seems to be true. Has anybody tested this?

It's the lean G jetting. My 03 450E was much louder than my 01 400E but it was the first of the G models. Just re-jetting quieted it right down.

Jeb, it's not jetted lean. I would be curious if the compression ratio is a little higher or if it has to do with the bore/stroke combo.

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