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If I ever find that Doc, he better Run

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Talk about getting a raw deal at a young age. Age 9 racing 4 wheelers I break my right arm, the Doc at the time doesnt set my arm correctly and it heals all ass backwards, when the cast is taken off they notice this and tell my mom that it is gonna need re-broken and set right later on down the road. In the mean time I have a very large lump on my right arm from it not healing right, The yrs pass on and I get older, nothing ever happens, Parents forgett and I start racing bikes. Well here it is 18 yrs later, I hit a 92 foot single to table, over shoot it some and land nose heavy, DONT crash or anything, and as I land I snap my arm it wrist in half and have the bone come through the skin, Now to fix it I had 1 plate, 6 screws and 2 pins, ( pins are now removed ) So over the past 8 weeks I run though my head everything that happened and try and figure out how my injury was so bad from something that really wasnt that bad, Well at the Docs yesterday ( military ones ) we review my entire history and found out, my bones were never correct and something as simple as having my wrist in the pinned throttle postion landing and the bones already not being aligned would cause the injury I have. Talk about making a bad injury even harder to handle, This injury never should have been what it was had I been fixed right as a 9 yr child, So my moral and point to this issue I am venting about, If you were that doc in Ohio who fixed a 9yr old boys right arm from a 4 wheeler in 1987, you better run and hide, because I am whipping your A** if I ever see ya , LOL, ( yeah I know Ill never see the guy) but its a hummoring story. Xrays from before this injury I had from just a few yrs ago confirm the mis-aligned bones from before this injury 54 days 14 min and about 38 secs ago.( it really was that long ago from when this was typed ) Anyone else have this awsome good luck, Roost ya later,

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