looking for a WR450

Hi im looking for a good dealer in either the US or Canada that has a 2005 or 2006 WR450, does anyone know if my task will be hard? If you know of any shops then please reply, i hope to buy something next week. My plans for it are to put some supermoto wheels and use it for the street, sounds like plenty fun to me. Let me know about some good shops to call, thanks. Oh and florida shops are closest to me, so that would be ever more helpful, thanks.

whats the problem? i just asked about some shops, i dont have a dealer here in Barbados!!!! The shops i buy from in canada (machine racing and cycle world) i'll be givin them a call today. Other than that im not familiar with too much dealers in florida besides one that doesnt sell yamaha.

chicagocycle.com i think it is, um hondaeasttoledo.com. i had offers for an '06 for 6,069otd with discounted gear

*update: fixed the address so they should be correct

Hondaeast tried to scam me, in my opinion. I had quotes back in 2003 from them via email--so not an oral misunderstanding--for a new 2003 WR 450. After I sent them the deposit as they requested to get it shipped, they email back and say whoops, we thought yuo meant the 250, the price is actually several hundred higher.

We had a deal, it was confirmed by several emails, and then they pulled that crap. I considered suing them over it being a real estate and contracts attorney, but then I wised up and took my own advice and decided it was not worth the hassle.

But, I would nevertheless be very careful with those guys---I do not like people who run their business in that fashion.

International Motorcycle Brokers.com, (do a web search as I do not know the actual url.).

Bought my 04' for $5,300 w/o tax. You don't pay tax until you license it in your state / country. They will have Canadian models that typically don't have US restrictions. I think they will ship anywhere for $200.00. I picked mine up in person, you do the set up, (sounds like that works into your plans anyway).

Good Luck :banghead:

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