Anyone Motard the 150? Tracks in So Cal?

I would like to possibly do some motard on the CRF. The bike is real quick with all of the mods and seems like it would be fun to do on a mini like this.

Anyone done this? Any tire/ wheel size recommendations? Also, are there any tracks in Socal that are doing this? I will likely go to a 17 in the rear if I actually did this.

Kind of conflicted as this was just supposed to be my punk/pit bike but alas I have gotten pretty crazy with modding it.

Getting a 250X for the trails and such so I can do whatever with this thing.

Also just did a road bike course down in the Southeast at Kevin Schwanz's school, so a CBR 600RR is not far off in the purchase realm either.

check out my 150 motard under my name in "my garage", this bike is raced extensively in so. cal. at Rialto, Grange, Apex, Horse Thief Mile, and soon at Star West.

Since these pictures were taken, I have changed hubs to Talons since we broke the front and rear hubs racing

this bike has extensive chassis mods

Nice- really like the galfer brakes.

Is there anything coming up on the motard side of things that I could come check out? Would like to see the set ups, classes etc..

Thanks for sharing. I live in coastal OC, what would some of the closer tracks or recreational spots that you would recommend?

we usually try to get out to Rialto Airport Speedway on tues. nights, but haven't lately because of the weather, try to get out there on sunday's , but have been busy,

so. cal mini grand prix is supposed to be setting up some motard/roadrace practices, i need more info from them

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