Green Sticker issues?

Decided on the CRF 250 for my next bike but since I am more of a trail/ hare and hound type I assume that it would be smarter for me to get the X though I really want the R.


On the trails here in SoCal really sticklers about Green Sticker? I am not a Star West Calliper rider so I won't be a MXr. Just want more power than my little parking lot bike (CRF 150)

I am ready to buy but thought I would ask here first. Are most of you R riders just on the tracks? If not are you getting hassled by the ranger types on the trails and such?

Is green Sticker a seasonal thing only? I thought I heard that after Green Sticker is only required up until November until March or something at places like Ocatillo, Stoddard, etc...?

The X's have the same motor as the R's, just geared different. They have plenty of power, all you have to do, is re-gear it. I was suprised when I rode the X, after riding the R. They were pretty close in power. Red sticker you can only ride certain months out of the year, and green sticker bikes you can ride every day of the year.

I ride in Rowher Flats and they usually have guys checking stickers. During the week I've never seen them show up to check stickers it's mainly weekends.

I have an R but have ridden a friend's X for comparison. The R feels 'punchier' in it's power delivery. The X feeds out power in a more linear fashion... Also, in stock form, the California X model comes very restricted with emissions equipment (not to mention it's heavier). The R, being a closed-cuicuit motocross bike, doesn't have any restrictions ~ so in a side by side stock comparison, the X will have a little less HP.

This is not to say that you can't modify it afterwards to make it feel more like an R, but that can get expensive.


the bikes are basically the same, the power differences can be overcome by swapping pipes, opening the airbox, rejetting, and swapping the cam. After that there will still be a few pounds difference, but really the X is a great bike, most of the mods I mentioned are stuff you would do anyway. go for the X , that E-start really comes in handy.

Yeah- my little 150 was way to lean out of the showroom here in Ca.

Clearly the X is the bike for me given the issues with the sticker that will likely only increase.

Thanks everyone for your input. My buddy was trying to push me towards a big old XR but that seems like way to much\

How can you ride in the arid heat of the So Cal Summer? I usually just ride short motos at home during the summer cause it's too dang hot out at Hollister Hills during the summer. This was a big factor for me. I didn't ride during the summer really, so I just got a Red Sticker. I ride about every week during the season though, and it's nice to have a speedy track bike. But if you ride trails anyways, the X will be a great choice.

The CA model is not close to being the same. I have been converting mine. After you do the full CCC mods remember the CA cam is quite different. A full 10 degrees different. I am installing a Hot Cam as we speak jsut to get the bike to the 49 State HP rating.

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