Bad Honda Dealer

Honda House in Richmond, VA sold me a bike 2 years ago(XR400) bike is great, but I never got a title or C of O.

3 weeks ago tried to title the bike at DMV. Bike was traded in to Honda House but the title was never transferred. Tltle is still in original owners name.

Honda House guy says they will get the original owner to come in and sign a power of attorney. That was 2 weeks ago. Called today, no progress.

Any ideas on what I should do next?

I contacted the VA Dealer Board, and they will investigate if I send them a written complaint. I would rather just get the title on friendly terms. This is very frustrating. I have a buyer for the bike but he wants the title since he is going to dual-sport it.


I know in the state of Utah the dealer has 30 days to provide you or the lien holder with a title, if they default you can return the vehicle for a FULL refund regardless of mileage

Maybe the hold up is the original owner and the dealer is doing all they can... There is no motivation for that person to waste their time on this. Tell your dealer to offer him something, like a 20% discount off parts when he comes in if he still rides.

So, without knowing what the hold-up is, I'm not sure what to advise.

I think you have posted this question before. To summarize my past response. Provide the DMV a written statement from the original owner stating that you have "power of attorney to sign his name for the sole purpose to obtain a title" How or what is used for the original owners signature is kind of up to you.

Then be prepaired to pay the tax the dealer didn't to have the title transfered to the dealer and then the tax again when you purchased it. Oh, and yea, so will the next guy who wants to buy it if he want to title it.

The title is only needed, if someone wants to tag it. Again, my advice to you is find another buyer.

btw, if you where a dealer selling a dirt bike, would you pay money for a title that your not going to use?

Contact the old owner yourself and get him to sign the paperwork.

If all else fails you can sell your bike and buy a Husqvarna. win-win situation.

Whether or not the bike is for the dirt is irrevelant! The bike was titled and original owner still has it! I bought a KTM from an individual and I at least got the MCO. The XR was my first bike and I was not aware of the difficulties I would have. Honda House sells bikes every day and they should have it together a little better than this.

I have waited weeks for a resolution, and nothing. They are obligated to provide proof of ownership of any bike they sell. Basically they sold a bike they did not own.

I know I can win in court, I was just hoping for something easier. The buyer has been very patient, but the dealer is being an a*****e.\

If I was a dealer selling a bike, I would at least make sure that someone else did not legally own it! They don't have to get a title to void the old one.

Isn't saying "bad honda dealer" a double redundancy? :banghead::banghead:

I can't speak for your state, but here in IL it's illegal for any licensed reseller to sell any registered vehicle without a title (used) - or a Certificate of Origin. (new) If that was here, one call to our Secretary of State Police would close that dealer down until he could produce the document - and pay the hefty fine. :banghead:

I'd be on the phone with one of your State

In this state if you do not have a title you do not own the bike. Good luck to you. One question, Why did you wait two years to get the bike in your name. Big fine here if you do that.

It was my first dirt bike purchase. I was dumb not to get a title or MCO from the dealer. I sure know better now! :banghead:

The original owner is in the service deployed somewhere. THey have contacted his wife but thats it. So who knows when/if the original owner will sign it?

I talked to the Manager last night. He is going to contact DMV and see if there is a way around this. The VA dealer board will investigate if I pursue it but it would be faster to deal directly with the dealer. The dealer board investigation would be a pain and a bad mark for the dealer so I'm sure it is in thier interest to fix it quickly.

May end up parting it out if all else fails. :banghead:

I'm curious how your state would handle a situation like this:

In Oklahoma you are not given titles for dirt bikes or quads. All you receive is the MSO from the dealer. So if you were to purchase a used dirt bike from Oklahoma (which would not have a title) how would your state handle that?

Before you part out go for a full refund. It's his fault not yours!

Before you part out go for a full refund. It's his fault not yours!

good advice

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