Scenic quad/bike loop suggestions

I have mentioned the idea of inviting CA politicians to come on a quad trip. I ran this idea by the Stewards of the Sequoia and we are going to work on making it happen. We aim to get support from manufacturers, dealers and industry businesses to help to pull it off.

Any suggestions about where to hold such an event? Best time of year, cant be to muddy or to dusty. Ideally the area should be the best of the best quad trail. I really dont see many of the invitees wanting to jump on a DRZ400. Newbie friendly, fire roads are good to but we really need to get them back into the wilderness a little on doubletrack(?) trails so they feel the riding experience first hand. And scenery.

Needs to be the ultimate day at the ultimate location for best effect... This is a ways down the road so there is time to get some input, research trails and get the place ready.

I am thinking North of Sacramento somewhere. Any suggestions/pictures or ideas greatly appreciated.

Are you going to pick an ohv park to ride? Some of the best is outside the parks. I would think that this time of year would be best, or april/may. Spring time will run you into snowdrifts. The fall would be nice to catch the changing of the leaves and the chance of hitting snow drifts will be nill. Cruising along a nice stream in the sierras would be nice.

Doesnt have to be in a park, just legal and perfect. Cruising along a nice stream in the Sierras sounds great. Fall colors would be great but may be a bad time of year for politicians. Late May of next year sounds ideal.

You could tell them about all the great places you WOULD have taken them, but they are all closed to ohv traffic now!!!!

Most of the cool places I know are not on the approved ohv mappiing that was done earlier.

Check the plumas national forest map and see what is in there.

THe other spot that I know of is rocky, but I will PM you a link.

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