What Bar and Bend are you using?

I am currently using a Renthal Twinwall Windam bend, and I stil feel that it is not quite tall enough for when riding standing. I am 5'10 and have short legs but long torso. Has anyone used the Pastrana or freestyle bend, they are like 4.6 inches of height compared to the 3.6 of my windam.


I was using the Pastrana Freestyle bend until I bought the submount adaptor for my steering stabilizer. I replaced the Pastrana's with Henry/Reed because the submount raised the bars another inch.

If you want to buy a used, but in great condition, set of Pastrana's let me know.

Im tall:

Pastrana Free Style bend, pro-tapers




I still have the stock ones because they haven't bent yet. I have a set of protaper henry bend bars on the yz and like them very well.

stock bars - with tree bend...


just kidding

woods high -protaper contour bar

universal protaper mount -protaper

These bars are high, just the way my short butt likes them. :banghead:

I'm happy with the stock bars and have added bar risers. :banghead:

Stock renthals 971 on my 250f. And Renthal twinwall 971 on my 450f.

Windham has Renthals? I'm running the Windham MX pro-tapers...

yes the renthal twinwal comes in a Kevin Windam bend

Windham has Renthals? I'm running the Windham MX pro-tapers...

Dude, Windam runs Renthal on his bike.

For supermoto the ProTaper CR Hi bend, for woods the ProTaper Pastrana FMX.

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