Is there any difference on rear springs S/E/K/SM?

I just was wondering about this, since i know a guy with an S model and its rear spring is red. All my friends who have a factory SM has a white spring, but i have a yellow one, and mine is a factory SM also..

So, what colour is yours, and what bike do you have? Does anybody know if the colour has any other meaning?

Here's a pic where you can see mine:

color means nothing.

E/K have 5.3

S/SM have 5.5

Mine's yellow too BTW. I bet the color only has to do with the bike color. I haven't seen a black one with a yellow spring.....

Are there any differences in shock bodies, settings etc. Between k/e/s/sm and different years?

00-01 S had no rebound adjuster.

all on the 02 and newer bike gained the high speed comp adjuster.

the springs never varied per year.

The service manual of S model says that rear shock is unserviceable. Is this true and does this mean you can't change the rear spring for S?

I did a search and found some instructions how to do this but when looking to fiches at Ron Ayers site I'm not certain if they are good for S too.

suzuki just doesnt sell the parts.

they are fully rebuildable.

yes,same thing.

Thanks for info.

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