xr250 price?

What is a fair asking price for an 87 xr250r?

The bike is in good shape, good tires, in the last year I have re placed seat cover, air filter, chain, sprockets, brake shoes,levers, grips, motocross rear fender, bar pad, chain roller.

I was thinking 1100 o.b.o.

what do you think? :banghead:

Is the xr in good shape?,I bought my 99 for 2000$,but let me say it was as clean as a brand new bike,also I should add the next day after purchase I seen A 00 or 01 xr400 for 1800$,having a touch of buyers remorse,I had to go look at it, and it was nice,but not as clean as my 99.so I convinced myself I made the better choice.Also try to take cash,money talks try to get him down on the price,when someone is trying to sell a bike,they might hard up for cash,you just might be able to get A great deal.XR_Ron 86xr600 99xr250 97xr100kids bike all modded some.also,be sure to ride it good and check it as good as time allows.You may want to bring a friend along that knows bikes pretty good. :banghead::banghead:

:banghead: Are you buying or selling,any way hope this is some assistance.XR_Ron


The bike is in good shape.

:banghead: Good shape,I would have to say that your in the ballpark,possibly1300$did you do a blue book search to see what the current market value is?Good luck,but dont hesitate to replace the bike with another XR!

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