Turbocharged, 2-stroke Diesel??

Making 108,920 hp and 5,608,312 lb-ft with a BSFC of 0.278 lbs per hp per hour, this is one impressive engine.

thats a whole lot of engine right there. can you imagine being able to stand in a cylinder? thats crazy.

Holy cow thats huge!

I wonder if that would fit into my bike?

I wonder what it would cost to get THAT crank lightened??? :banghead:

How the hell do you start that damn thing?? How much hp/energy does it take?

That would be so awesome just to start one of those things, knowing that you have so much power just at the flip of a switch!

That has been floating around the web for years. Something doesn't jive. It says the engines are produced in Japan and that the pictures are from Japan, but those pics are from Korea. Still cool as hell, though.

that is the engine that we have hooked up to our coffee grinder! God knows we make a lot of coffee... do you think they stole it from us and put it on the web!? "mom can you check on our diesel engine in the kitchen?" my god they took it! how did they steal that big thing from underneath our noses!

"Even at it's most efficient power setting, the big 14 consumes 1,660 gallons of heavy fuel oil per hour." Scary! :banghead:

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