safe to powder coat left engine cover?

just took my cover off because i planned on getting it powder coated, but do i need to take out all the wiring, etc before i send it off? what about the little watch glass. is it glass or plastic? will it be survive the baking process?

Yes, it all needs to come out and so does the little site glass, just dont ask how :banghead:

Make sure you remove the sight glass. Most coatings cure at 375 degrees for fifteen minuets.

Nah, just slap some masking tape on her and be done with it! :banghead:

do any of you guys know how to take the sight glass out? i don't really know where to start cuz i don't want to break it. and should i take the snap ring that holds that rubber seal in the center of the cover out?

Ill look at my shop manual tomorrow and see what it says.. than ill let you know if it says how to take it out. :banghead:

thier are two snap rings If I remember right, one at the center where the crank fit into and smaller one that contains a oil valve or some type of valve

I had to remove it all to get a crack repaired, the site glass comes out rather easy, remove clips and pull it out, also remove the oil passage valving.

sweet. thanks guys. i knew it couldn't be that hard, but i didn't want to break it off. now i just have to go do it......thanks again. :banghead:

Yeah it will come right out. I had mine done gloss black and it came out sweet.


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