Ktm SxF 250cc / shipping


What is the price for a Ktm 250 4-stroke in U.S ??

I have seen many different prices on a stock 250 4-stroke so i'm not sure.


Is there an KTM dealer there can send bikes to Europe ?? Because the price on a Ktm SxF 250cc is $9600 , and that is very much.


Are there a used Ktm 250 4-stroke on the market, and price ??

Sorry about my bad English.



my ktm dealer is susposed too call me when he gets an 06 in, he told me $5900


Try an online quote from www.ktmtalk.com

Since you will be flying the bike to Denmark, that may be your biggest problem. You will have to deal with freight, impounds, duties and all kinds of bureaucratic hassles. You might have to disassemble the bike, and tell customs you are importing parts (hint).

You might want to check with these guys, that what they do:




You see, and have though i should get i send by ship, because that it is cheaper, and i first need the bike in around 4-8 weeks, because it is winter here.

Again sorry about my bad English !

just called my dealer today too c where the 250 sxf are...He said we exspecting 4 of them last week but with the huricane crap they got delayed, he sayed it would not surprise him if there here at of the end of the week

my ktm dealer is susposed too call me when he gets an 06 in, he told me $5900

whoooaaa whooa whoaa, hooooooold up. lol.....5900 US for a ktm250sxf? are you kiddin? whos your dealer ill give him my business!

im good friends with them... they told a buddy of mine who's been buying bikes from them for years 5400 when the 250sxf when they first came out

thats weird... considering msrp is 6,599 plus tax, i just bought one and it was 7,000 out the door.....

7 is the going rate, and if you have the bike, it was a good deal.

I managed about 6500, but am still waiting.....

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