Cold/Nasty Weather Gear

Since the winter season is approaching, I have been on the look-out for appropriate gear. I have been looking at the Fox Girls Dakota Jacket. I like the specs:

On top of the best girls enduro system made. Fully convertible from cool-weather coat to warm-weather vest and everything in between, the Dakota handles elements in style.

Main materials: Nylon/Polyester

Articulated sleeve

Girls-specific fit

2 secure pockets

1 napoleon pocket and 1 inside chest pocket

Zipper venting at underarm and back body

Detachable sleeves for warm weather riding

Hydration hose access

Does anyone have this or something similar they can recommend?

I get too hot when I wear a riding coat. I bought Thor Windchill fleece-lined jersey and neoprene gloves, and that has been enough unless it's at or below freezing.

I do have a jacket, a Shift shell, that I wear in the pits or if it's extremely cold and/or rainy but whenever I wear it riding I regret it.

If you decide you prefer a jacket, try it on WITH your CP and camelbak so you know how it fits and how it moves.

hmm.. I have an old columbia jacket I wear.. LOL.

It has 2 layers....

Rain jacket, and fleece liner...

Its perfect for me :banghead:

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